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20 February 2011 @ 11:21 am
うぬぬ。。。 I found someone uploading all the CGs and BGM of the games.The computer version.Didn't want to at first since they're spoilers.Then I thought I could just have those pictures to look at whenever I want to(after I finish the game).Fail.I looked at every single one of them.Couldn't resist.

But it is SUCH A DRAG to even go through ONE PERSON ONCE.In Spring,portable.SO MANY TEXT.Even when there are voices it is so ugh to have to listen to them.Why is it sooooo longgggg.I know it's kind of a visual novel whatever game but ughhhhh T_T After sometimes skipping what they're saying I simply finished Yoh's.Then after a while I reloaded my last save file to want to see the ending?It changed.Yoh's thoughts were shown.And the ending became the wedding ending.O_O This game is so complicated.

Just seeing the pictures has no meaning.Since you don't know what happened.The story.I don't like that T_T But the horror of playing the full of text only game T_T