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12 February 2011 @ 07:37 pm
Randomly visit sites from time to time.It just so happened that I chose the otome website.キャア~ STORM LOVER 夏恋!!sparkles I was like XDDDDD For realllll?????!!!!!Read read,fan disc?Always wondered what that is.Googled.Not exactly a sequel,because it's a short one.And indicates the end of a game =((((( Well it is kinda impossible for Storm Lover to become a series.

So bla bla 臨海学校?I'm guessing like a school trip to the seaside.3 days 2 nights.Additional characters.Chihiro and that guy I never bothered to know,Kazuma?Souma? will be added as chaseable guys O_O And a new guy.I went to their teaser site and saw the silhouette.But his face is seeable y'know XP

And the 大好評バカップルモード.There will be a new addition of what jet coaster romance 急恋愛モード O_O A lot of stuff.Argh I can't waittttt.And my bro's going back so I don't even have a psp to play withhhhh.3DS and NGP pls.3DS I can wait for LE Dream Drop Distance version.But isn't the KH series coming to an end?After 3D is KHIII.No more left for a game on NGP?Sobbbbb