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29 March 2016 @ 12:39 am
I can never understand why people would want to waste their time playing a Japanese game when they don't even understand the language. Reading translations of the story content is fine but blindly playing the game then pestering people on how to play, what does this and that mean and then reading the story translation in the end but still playing is just real dumb. *also bitter about them wasting the rank slots but I guess if you're buying jewels it profits the game developers* WHAT IS WORSE is accidentally coming across shit false information/mistranslations etc and it stays in my head forever, messing up my stored information. pls dont be such noobs -_- My god Shuu did not ask Wataru to sneak into fine as a double agent fml I should stay away from the english speaking twitter accounts
01 September 2015 @ 04:51 pm
Got lured in by the pretty card illustrations and am pretty much dying playing it almost 24/7 T_T Including tokires and utapri island you know im dead
06 March 2013 @ 12:00 pm
Locked for safety?

Main interests:
Otome games, drama cds
20 February 2011 @ 11:21 am
うぬぬ。。。 I found someone uploading all the CGs and BGM of the games.The computer version.Didn't want to at first since they're spoilers.Then I thought I could just have those pictures to look at whenever I want to(after I finish the game).Fail.I looked at every single one of them.Couldn't resist.

But it is SUCH A DRAG to even go through ONE PERSON ONCE.In Spring,portable.SO MANY TEXT.Even when there are voices it is so ugh to have to listen to them.Why is it sooooo longgggg.I know it's kind of a visual novel whatever game but ughhhhh T_T After sometimes skipping what they're saying I simply finished Yoh's.Then after a while I reloaded my last save file to want to see the ending?It changed.Yoh's thoughts were shown.And the ending became the wedding ending.O_O This game is so complicated.

Just seeing the pictures has no meaning.Since you don't know what happened.The story.I don't like that T_T But the horror of playing the full of text only game T_T
12 February 2011 @ 07:37 pm
Randomly visit sites from time to time.It just so happened that I chose the otome website.キャア~ STORM LOVER 夏恋!!sparkles I was like XDDDDD For realllll?????!!!!!Read read,fan disc?Always wondered what that is.Googled.Not exactly a sequel,because it's a short one.And indicates the end of a game =((((( Well it is kinda impossible for Storm Lover to become a series.

So bla bla 臨海学校?I'm guessing like a school trip to the seaside.3 days 2 nights.Additional characters.Chihiro and that guy I never bothered to know,Kazuma?Souma? will be added as chaseable guys O_O And a new guy.I went to their teaser site and saw the silhouette.But his face is seeable y'know XP

And the 大好評バカップルモード.There will be a new addition of what jet coaster romance 急恋愛モード O_O A lot of stuff.Argh I can't waittttt.And my bro's going back so I don't even have a psp to play withhhhh.3DS and NGP pls.3DS I can wait for LE Dream Drop Distance version.But isn't the KH series coming to an end?After 3D is KHIII.No more left for a game on NGP?Sobbbbb